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Whether you’re buying, selling, leasing, investing, residential or commercial, we can be of assistance to you in the great American Southwest.

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About Richard Bazinet

Experience and Expertise.

An entrepreneur and business owner. Also a real estate trainer, coach and lecturer.

Earned a Master in Business Administration (MBA). Also earned the designations of Accredited Buyer Representative (ABR), Certified Residential Specialist (CRS) and Certified Technology Manager (CTM).

Earned The Commitment To Excellence Endorsement from the National Association of Realtors. The endorsement goes to real estate practitioners who have demonstrated superior knowledge, abilities and competency in real estate law, client service, advocacy, privacy, trust and integrity, technology, code of ethics, professional reputation and other areas of practice.

Building long-term relationship and trusted partnership with clients, both residential and commercial. Guides clients in building wealth with real estate.

A 1031 Exchange Specialist.

Minimalist Room Interior

Services & Strategies

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Available homes to buy for every budget

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Selling Your Home

One-on-one assistance to selling your home

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Invest in real estate, rental & vacation rental properties, and 1031 Exchanges

Minimalist Room Interior

Richard Bazinet Real Estate

Modern Living Room Design

Find your new build home right here

Consultancy, selling, buying & leasing

House Investment Concept

Get connected with a top mortgage lender. Residential or commercial

Get the best property and investment options with the help of a highly experienced and tenured realtor.

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Modern Living Room Design
Minimalist Room Interior

Satisfied Clients

Simply outstanding in every way. Very professional and informative. Easy to communicate with. Had my best interest. Highly recommend Richard.

Marlan St.Croix

Market and real estate expertise. Richard is the only reason we were able to make our transition from CA to AZ smoothly and sucessfully. Richard's trustworthiness and attention to details.

Sakti Mahanty

An expert realtor. Richard helped me navigate the entire process in real estate to buy my home.

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You may be considering selling your Phoenix/Scottsdale home. Then, you need an experienced real estate professional. Get it sold in half the time.

You need a professional that focuses on YOU, selling YOUR property. A strong advocate of your property AND the sale - to get the best price, terms and conditions. You need a professional real estate agent with strong marketing and advertising skills, market knowledge, technology skills, and strong negotiation skills. And there's no substitute for experience.

I Talk to a Large Number of Buyers Every Week. I have more than 1,200 Buyers-in-waiting right now!

My exclusive marketing program provides your property with maximum exposure.

"The key is to identify the most qualified buyers matching your property profile". So I do so much more than any other agent - especially what they don't do what they should be doing - I call this the “holes” in the marketing which will cost you a sale.

You can order my complimentary Exclusive Marketing Book about selling your home - to find out how I will sell your home!

Here are the 7 deliverables and areas of competitive real estate competencies:

  • End-to-end full service real estate services
  • Superior home marketing plan
  • Superior uncommon skills & abilities
  • Superior communication skills
  • Superior negotiating skills
  • Superior experience
  • Superior service
  • Top preferred strategic partners

Any questions or need more information, or want me to get your home selling going right now, give me a call or send me an email and I'll get right on it.

Minimalist Room Interior


Looking to buy a home in Phoenix Scottsdale? Then you want a real estate agent that focuses on YOU!

I always make sure to be aware of our clients’ primary goal, expectations and what they think is important to them, and that is our constant focus throughout our representation of each client.

I TALK TO A LARGE NUMBER OF SELLERS EVERY WEEK. Looking for a good deal on a home? Become a Buyer-in-waiting right now! Email me - I'll put you on my email list!

How I Help You Buy The Best Possible Home:

  • First, I’ll build you a personal customized, wide interactive search portal on the MLS system based on your needs and requirements - and share all listed homes with you;
  • I automate this search so that you know as soon as a new listing makes it on the market;
  • If necessary, I can create a custom buyer campaign in a neighborhood of your interest if the home you are looking for is not actively listed;
  • Contact known sellers not yet on the market;
  • Inform you of listings before they make it to the public;
  • Help you identify and direct you to the most competent and experienced mortgage lender matched to your needs and requirements
  • You can order your complimentary Home Buyer's Book about to best buy your next home!;
  • I know how to negotiate firmly for you, for a good deal, with the best terms and conditions - while keeping your best interest at heart.

Want To Get a Head Start? Just To Look - Start here.... .

Any questions or need more information? Or want me to get your dream home search going now?

Just give me a call or send me an email by using my contact form. I am ready.

Office? Warehouse? Retail? Find a home for your business. Or sell or lease your commercial space...

A boutique commercial real estate professional service engaged in all aspects of commercial real estate, land, development, office, industrial, specialty, medical, health care, restaurant, retail, multifamily, and residential income – serving the needs of upscale, selective and proprietary commercial clients.

Subtle, discreet and very effective. Independent. Achieving results and give you the right time. It’s called competency, experience and uncommon skills.

If you are a small or medium size company, the process can be very intimidating as commercial real estate brokerage, property management or developer may be many times over the size of your own company. You want to be in control, not be controlled by their terms and conditions. You are used to managing your own company and making your own decisions, and not being managed and decisions being made for you.

Unlike those impersonal national big box name commercial outfits with a multitude of competing interests and people, a huge overhead of people with big impressive titles, our clients prefer a confidential tailored approach to strategically and carefully select their real estate business decisions in privacy. We don’t let the big players bulldoze over the process to serve their own best corporate interests rather than our clients’ best interests.

Our strategic advantage that few to none have is our unique ability to marry commercial real estate with residential real estate. One stop shop – and end-to-end solution. One agent, or a hundred agent – we can do this. None can do this seamlessly. We excel in corporate relocations – both the business part AND the people part behind the business – key and critical to relocations. This is why we are the premier choice of professionals and companies that relocate to Phoenix Scottsdale, and out of Phoenix Scottsdale.

We can take care of helping you choose you new headquarters and relocate your employees in a seamless process – in a single project. And this without the intermediaries like relocation companies that siphon your budget and force you into second-rate real estate relationships to their own profit.

In a single telephone call, we can discuss your needs and requirements and tell you exactly what the next steps are and where its at, and determine your project scope

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your house?

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